Reximus & Kasious - Gabel Kenos

Free Download! // 09.08.2013

Free download of a tune Kasious and I did last year. It started out as a live jam using some midi triggers and eventually sequenced in Reaper, output from my EMU 5000 Ultra mixed though a Mackie 1220i and recorded to my Akai GX-630D Reel 2 Reel. We recorded the tape back though the Mackie and into Reaper so we could touch up with some free plugins.

Reximus - Smoke Monster

Drum and Bass! // 09.08.2013

Reximus & Kasious - Serous Six Umiak

Forthcoming on Repertoire 006 [09.30.2013] // 09.08.2013

Reximus - Legend

Jungle! // 09.08.2013

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